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Business IT Solutions

The growing divide: work and consumer computing

While consumers and students can get by using mobile and cloud-based alternatives to the traditional PC (or Mac), workers and enthusiasts often can’t. These pro users need power, flexibility, and options. We design business IT solutions specifically to fit your needs. Small and medium businesses are the foundation of our country, and technology is the foundation of small to medium business. We provide services to all sorts of businesses, from local auto body shops to professional medical practices. If you’re looking for support you can rely on, trust us with your business.

Improve efficiency and productivity

Business IT SolutionsLet us protect you from loss of productivity and business downtime. Not to mention those unplanned expenses by allowing our IT experts to proactively monitor your network. We provide an integrated approach to network server application and IT management. This preventive maintenance not only detects potential computer problems but also eliminates them before they occur.

Stop wasting your valuable time and money. You don’t need to struggle to keep to your PCs, servers, email and network services up and running. Discover how Nitro-Tech’s powerful and flexible managed services provide the reliability and performance you need to manage your computing environment.

Take control of your technology

The Nitro-Tech process is built on a proven IT strategy. It’s designed to get a handle on IT costs as well as reduce service interruptions and give you peace of mind. Our service not only identifies and documents key areas of concern within your network, but it also stabilizes the infrastructure. We will introduce cost-saving techniques and implement a level of service to suit your specific needs. Each and every Nitro-Tech customer undergoes the following process:

  1. Assessment We take a snapshot of your network for architecture, security, reliability, and scalability. We examine contracts and costs related to the delivery and support of technology. We present our findings in a comprehensive format during a non-technical presentation with recommendations based on best practices, cost savings, and an IT road map.
  2. Stabilization Based on our assessment, we implement the recommendations to standardize and stabilize the network and reduce costs.
  3. Client Ramp The client is then integrated into the chosen Nitro-Tech Solution. This usually includes the monitoring and management of the network using Nitro-Tech’s dedicated hardware and software solutions, end-user help desk support and onsite services by our certified engineering team.
  4. Service Delivery This is the partnership value of what Nitro-Tech delivers. To begin with, we initiate a kick-off meeting to train the client and employees on how to engage with our services. We start by initiating a trouble ticket requesting new service or employee set up. A consultant will provide regular Wellness Visits with you, including reports on issues we have dealt with as well as their mitigation.
short and long term contracts 

In addition, our Business IT Solutions offer specialized IT Consulting and Management services on an as-needed basis. For more about our managed services, IT Consulting, service contracts, IT support, and IT management assistance, please fill out our Contact Form.


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