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Tech Bytes

Tech Bytes are not only designed to help the average Joe or Jane keep their computer safe but we also offer tips and strategies for business owners.

These days, online protection is extremely imortant to everyone. No one is immune to a cyber attack. There have been so many hacks and data breaches in recent years that it would be easy to produce a laundry list of household name brands and organizations that have been affected.

Above all, we want to keep your identity safe and make sure that your home and business computers are safe and free of nasty viruses.

At home, you need to ensure your computer data, photos, and music are safe, while retrievable. Perhaps even more important, you’ll want to prevent the exposure of harmful or inappropriate content to your children. At work, you want security as well as efficiency.

The Tech Bytes blog will offer all sorts of information, including easy preventive measures to keep your computer safe. You’ll see things like our reviews of virus protection packages, ways to avoid problems and overall basic troubleshooting. Honestly, with some common sense and a little technical advice, you can keep your home and business computers protected and running seamlessly. You may never need to call us! However, if you do, we’re always here and ready to assist!

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