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There’s not much worse than turning your computer on only to discover you have a virus! Has your personal information been exposed? Are your important files safe? What about family photos and videos? Unfortunately, no anti-virus solution is 100% perfect. Hackers are coming up with new types of malware, viruses, and scams every day to try and stay a step ahead of the good guys.

Fortunately, we’ve developed a comprehensive solution for our clients. ONE CARE home is a four-part solution that provides safety, security, and peace of mind. Here’s how it works:

Virus Removal and Clean Up

The first step is getting your PC healthy again. We’ll remove viruses, malware, trojans and other annoying bits of software while optimizing your PC for speed and performance.

Professional Grade Anti-Virus

We install a business class anti-virus that provides maximum security against all types of computer viruses and threats.

Cloud-Based Backup

Most companies charge extra for backup but our ONE CARE home solution includes unlimited file backup. That’s right, all of your documents, photos, videos, music and more are backed up in real time to the cloud. You can access them anywhere from virtually any device including your phone or tablet.


Don’t you hate it when you pay to have your PC cleaned up and a few weeks later it’s infected again? That’s right, for the next year if your PC gets infected again we’ll clean it again at no charge to you!

ONE CARE home is just $149 and that includes complete cleanup, 1 year of unlimited file backup, 1 year of professional anti-virus AND a 1-year guarantee!

We also realize that not everybody needs our complete computer health and security solution. Here is a list of just some of our more basic services:

  • Just Virus Removal and Clean Up – $99
  • Cloud-Based File Backup for 1 year – $49 for 1PC, $89 for 2PCs, $119 for 3PCs
  • Basic Printer or Peripheral Device Setup – As little as $49
  • Laptop and PC Repair – Hourly, call for an estimate
  • Custom Gaming PCs – Call for details

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